About the group - 

The group was formed in the mid 1970s and has had various forms over this time. The group (Friends of the Wildlife Reserves) was incorporated in 2001. 

Currently, we're involved in supporting Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary and Parks Vic through the Gresswell Nature Conservation Reserves. 


Our Mission is to: 

Assist with the ongoing management and preservation of the Wildlife Reserves to support native flora and fauna and to enrich our lives and those of future generations. 

Our Objectives are to: 

  • Promote interest in our Mission and foster goodwill in the community 

  • Eradicate foreign and invasive species from the Wildlife's Reserves 

  • Enable indigenous flora and fauna ecosystems to flourish

  • Encourage awareness and appreciation of the indigenous flora and fauna and the precesses which are endangering them

  • Promote participation in the Wildlife Reserves and inspire community pride 

About the Sanctuary & Reserves - 


Bundoora's Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary and the Parks Victoria Nature Conservation Reserves of Gresswell Forest,Gresswell Habitat Link and Gresswell Hill, host unique woodlands and a diverse range of grasses and herbs offering a habitat for rare and threatened fauna.


The Wildlife Reserves support a superb range of bird species including the Barking Owl and the Swift Parrot. A range of bats including the Eastern Broad-Nosed Bat and Yellow-Bellied Sheathtail Bat, and many more native animals including Eastern Grey kangaroos, possums, sugar gliders, echidnas, marsupial mice, reptiles, and butterflies. It's teaming with life and its's all at your fingertips. 

Visitors to the Wildlife Reserves and Sanctuary get a rare opportunity to explore precious bushland and get close to nature - to touch the bark of a tree, to smell the gum trees and to hear the tranquil and comforting heart-beat of the bush.